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Tin Whistle Tutor

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This comprehensive tutorial for the tin whistle, presented in 3 volumes, is the product of many years of performing and teaching.

  • Volume 1 – Beginner to Intermediate
  • Volume 2 – Intermediate to Advanced
  • Volume 3 – Advanced to Professional
Volume 1 of the course consists of a Lesson Book and 2 CDs of recorded tunes and instructions. These tunes, specially selected for the techniques contained in each lesson, are recorded at a slow and a moderate pace. The instructional tracks contain verbal instructions along with demonstrations of the various techniques. Students can work in their own time and at a pace that is comfortable for them. 

While it is a comprehensive Tutorial, it is easy to follow. In order to make it accessible to everybody, the music is written both in staff notation and in a form of ABC notation devised by me to illustrate the ‘internal’ rhythm and the ornamentation. 

The entire course is a gradual progression consisting of step-by-step sequential lessons, each one building on the previous lesson. The student, guided in this manner, achieves significant results in a very short time.

Volume 2 continues from the last Lesson in Volume 1 and has 3 CDs with more advanced tunes and techniques.  Likewise, Volume 3 follows on from Volume 2 and embraces the more intricate ornamentation together with the finer points of technique and other skills necessary to elevate one’s playing from Advanced to Professional level.

Additional notes:

This Tutorial explains the intricacies of the various dance forms (i.e. Jigs, Reels etc.) and will be of enormous benefit to a variety of people:
  • Traditional musicians who wish to improve their rhythm and ornamentation – on any instrument!
  • Classical musicians and those playing other forms of music who wish to understand the ‘internal’ rhythms of Traditional Irish music (Particularly as it is not played as written)
  • Students and researchers of world music
  • Those who do not play an instrument but who would like to understand and familiarise themselves with Traditional Irish music

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